Friday, June 23, 2017

Our Example...

I'm not sure when it dawned on me that I was no longer reading/studying the Teachings of Presidents of the Church but I decided I needed to read them.  Fantastic reads!!  I'm on my 3rd one right now.  President Hunter.  These small little easy read books are a compilation of the best of the best quotes.  A single subject will have several references, given at different times and places, clarifying and cementing that particular Prophets counsel.

Years ago, in my Seminary teaching days in Alaska, I remember studying and learning about Christ being tempted...Christ knew the Scriptures...He used the Scriptures to resist temptations.  I remember the quote by President McKay that was used in the Seminary manual.

I'm sharing all of this for two reasons...1) I loved re-reading this information and thought you might also!  2) maybe you'd like to use the marvelous Prophetic insight shared below and create a wonderful FHE!

  The Temptations of Christ- (CR Nov. 1976)     here

(excerpts from the above talk by Elder Hunter.  This sure looks rough to read and I don't know why there is big and small and etc.  but please persevere!)

In speaking of the three temptations that came to Jesus, a former President of the Church made this statement concerning them: “Classify them, and you will find that under one of those three nearly every given temptation that makes you and me spotted, ever so little maybe, comes to us as (1) a temptation of the appetite; (2) a yielding to the pride and fashion and vanity of those alienated from the things of God; or (3) a gratifying of the passion, or a desire for the riches of the world, or power among men.” And then he said: “Now, when do temptations come? Why, they come to us in our social gatherings, they come to us at our weddings, they come to us in our politics, they come to us in our business relations, on the farm, in the mercantile establishment, in our dealings in all the affairs of life, we find these insidious influences working, and it is when they manifest themselves to the consciousness of each individual that the defense of truth ought to exert itself.” (David O. McKay, Conference Report, Oct. 1911, p. 59.)
 “And when the devil had ended all the temptation,” Luke adds, “he departed from him for a season.” (Luke 4:13.) Matthew tells us that “angels came and ministered unto him.” (Matt. 4:11.)


As with Jesus, so with us, relief comes and miracles are enjoyed after the trial and temptation of our faith. 

It is important to remember that Jesus was capable of sinning, that he could have succumbed, that the plan of life and salvation could have been foiled, but that he remained true. Had there been no possibility of his yielding to the enticement of Satan, there would have been no real test, no genuine victory in the result. If he had been stripped of the faculty to sin, he would have been stripped of his very agency. It was he who had come to safeguard and ensure the agency of man. He had to retain the capacity and ability to sin had he willed so to do. As Paul wrote, “Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered” (Heb. 5:8); and he “was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin” (Heb. 4:15). He was perfect and sinless, not because he had to be, but rather because he clearly and determinedly wanted to be. As the Doctrine and Covenants records, “He suffered temptations but gave no heed unto them.” (D&C 20:22.)


Mark 4:1-11 Christ quoting scriptures! This is a good scripture to show the value of Scripture study and also the fact that the adversary knows the scriptures and can/will use them in a twisted way to challenge us to disobey.  Also that taunting word if.  Throwing down the gauntlet!  Daring us! Challenging us.  Through the example of the Savior, in those few verses, we see that we also can use scriptures to thwart the devil and his cunningness.  Christ knew the scriptures and how to use them!

True the Holy Ghost will/can bring all things to our remembrance BUT it's a bit of a stretch to think about drawing water from an empty well!  We must put something in, to where our reservoir is filled with that living water, and awaits in readiness to be drawn out when needed. 

I also see this as a definite pattern in my own life, when President Hunter said....As with Jesus, so with us, relief comes and miracles are enjoyed after the trial and temptation of our faith.  I'm assuming it is the same way for you.

The confirming of truth occurs for me when I read/study/ponder/savor what Apostles/Prophets say.  Love it!

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I've long been a proponent of family dinner time.  Way back years ago at RS as Prez...I shared a study I'd read about the merits of eating together.  They mentioned things like grades improving...less apt to use drugs...closer family and all sorts of things.  In all honesty my little campaign to save the children of the Ward through trying to convince their Moms by sharing what I'd learned and coming off with a bang and challenging all to do so etc. etc....well, I think if fell on deaf ears or in one ear and out the other.  No comments.  No discussion.  Just Amen and back to chatter about personal calendars and the busy-ness of life.

Guess I'm still harping on it.  As a recovering Co-Dependent...I just can't seem to drop the subject!!  In my devious forcing goodness down those throats that have already used their evenings pass card and no desire to hear me sing my FamilyDinnerTime song...yet AGAIN! ...Just put up with me okay?  Know that I'm sincere and I'm way past feeding the seagulls at my dinner table BUT I do want you to at least read this much newer article than the one from so many years ago!

Most likely I sound like a broken record to you!  I know I've hopped on this bandwagon before!  Indulge me.  Please.  Thanks


Why Kids Need Minimalism

I Choose Family

I am trading three nights per week of kid’s activities for family dinners. Kids who eat dinner with family have higher levels of academic achievement and improved psychological well-being. I am a huge fan of underscheduling. There is nothing I love more than an evening or
weekend with nothing planned. Because “nothing” is not nothing. “Nothing” means more time to intimately connect with family.

Read the outstanding article here

and then I saw this...

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues here   


If I had children at home....I'd buy an old fashioned dinner bell!!  I still remember my Mother calling Dixie and I....Girls!  Come on home!  It's dinner time!!  We hated our play to be interrupted and would beg to play awhile longer and the answer was always the same...No.  You come eat and after dishes you can go back outside and play.  We had no choice but to comply and try as hard as we could to regain the magic of our imaginations when we went back to play, it never worked.

Mother didn't have a dinner bell and neither did I but she hollered for us and I did for mine also.  It's a different world now.  Are children ever told anymore to go outdoors and play?  My children were raised before electronics etc.  as I's a different world BUT people still eat dinner!

Just something to think about.  You have your challenge to accomplish this important bonding time and I have mine.  Two of us.  Just two.  Syncing appetites and food desires is really tricky.  Let's all do better!


“The time a family spends together ‘eating meals at home [is] the strongest predictor of children’s academic achievement and psychological adjustment.’ Family mealtimes have also been shown to be a strong bulwark against children’s smoking, drinking, or using drugs. There is inspired wisdom in this advice to parents: what your children really want for dinner is you.”

--Elder Dallin H. Oaks (CR 2007)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thumper's Mom...

If you can't say anything nice.  Don't say anything at all.

Do you keep confidences?  Do you gossip?  Take a peek.... here

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fathers Day

One certainty about blogging...or at least my endeavors...if I don't keep up then it seems that suddenly I have an avalanche of thoughts to share and they spill over and I feel behind.  I'll just start with Father's Day.

My Daddy (we always called him Daddy) passed away at age 68....34 years ago.  If had lived he would have been 102 years old right now!  I miss the things that I now wish I'd done.  I wish I'd felt comfortable in talking to him and learning what he'd learned about living.  I would have encouraged him to sing Barbershop and join a group.  I would have asked if we could be involved in theatre together.  He was a natural at story telling and had won a debate competition in high school.  He won people over with his humor and personality.

My Take- children are born into a family and the parents care for the child.  As child growth occurs there is a distancing in that relationship.  And then one day...the child is an adult just like the parent is an adult.  They become more like friends IF both parties can let any past debacles go.  It's almost like everyone becomes the same age!  Easier said than done.

My father was a strict disciplinarian and my sister and I walked extremely careful on egg shells.  My Mother once told me that she was thankful that she never had sons as she felt Daddy would be to strict and mean.

I think Daddy grew up and softened and mellowed as he aged.  Although I too grew up...I never quite knew how to be conversationally fluent with him.  Never quite figured out how to pick that brain, so intelligent, and learn from his life experiences.

He was wonderful and I know he is still wonderful and I look forward to visiting when I move into his realm of existence.

I remember when our daughter was born in Boise.  Terry was fogged in and couldn't fly home and try as hard as I might, this baby was not going to wait.  My Daddy took me to the hospital and waited outside in the hall (that is how it was done then!).  When they wheeled me out with this beautiful baby in my arms...he broke into tears.  He couldn't talk.  For several months that tenderness of his, that tearing up, persisted each time he saw her.

What a shame that I was unable to tap into that depth of tenderness and get to know him on that adult level.

He called me regularly and would tell me ribald jokes and laugh at me when I'd try to shame him.  He smoked and it ended up destroying his heart and eventually took his life.  He drank.  He swore like a sailor (isn't that the saying for those that swear every other word?).

He adored my Mother. Dixie and I were in their life but his devotion was to my beautiful Mother.  He gave her a great life and loved doing it.  He had a marvelous work ethic.  Strong and unafraid to try things.  Loved cars and drove way to fast and justified his recklessness because he'd never had an accident.

I must say that I love him whole-heartedly and am glad he's mine and I his.

This relationship has made me want to have a more open friendly one with my own children.  I feel it's that way on many levels and I appreciate it.  What I see now that we have grandchildren ...those little folks reap the benefits of what their grandparents have learned plus they come with no preconceived notions or grudges of any sort and they become the recipients of what the grandparents have learned...unconditional love.  It's a love fest!


So being as how it was Father's Day...I celebrated the Father of my children...children that we both love to pieces!  Dinner was shared with our Firstborn who happens to be a son!  He is the one that made my sweet hubby a Father!  It was tender for me to be with them.

We had a great dinner (me patting myself on the back!!) of ribs and steamed veggie medley and a salad of just greens.  Kalamata olives (yummers!)  and dessert?...oh, yes.  Ice-cream!  (me the hostest with the mostest!)  I cooked way to much but leftovers are scrumptious!

I thought about my sons and how thankful I am that they each have had the life experience of being Fathers.  Terry has always been a lover of babies and children and especially his own.  Our sons each love their children so much and are hands-on Dads. That makes my heart so happy.

Yesterday Jeanee posted on FB a picture of Terry and I dancing. We were at a friends birthday party in California.  Terry is all tan and oh, so everly handsome!  I remember that night and the fun we had. That made me cry for days gone by.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Then she posted pictures of Terry dancing with the girls.  Home from work and dancing with his dolls!  Tears again for days of such joy that are now a great memory.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Then there was a picture posted of David with his two loves.  I looked at that and tears again for love going full circle.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, beard and outdoor

I see the love the men in my life give to their families-Terry...Kip...Greg...David..Benjamin...Scott...and now our grandson...Kip d. carries on the tradition of Fathers loving and caring for their children.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky, tree, child, grass, plant, shoes, outdoor and nature

and then full circle as our Grandson honors his Father with this picture and comment.

Image may contain: 2 people, beard

This guy, my pop, my hero, Your amazing, I love you!!! Happy Father's Day Pop!!!!


So there you life cycle keeps on moving along and my heart grows more grateful and appreciative of my family which is very small by most standards but most amazing.  At some point these stats will change but for now...I'm savoring the time even if I cry about it every once in awhile!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

tech troubles/exciting find!

Challenges with electronic things today.  sorry.  It's working now.  Will post tomorrow.

Just have to share to me.

I will watch with interest what comes out of this!  Won't you?

This I know...If it's false- my testimony remains unchanged and firm in the Book of Mormon.

and IF it's true?...oh, my I hope it's maybe some of the sealed part of the Book of Mormon.

This I also know...My testimony is already in place on the validity of the Book of Mormon so it won't all of a sudden be some convincing/confirming evidence of it's truthfulness.

It's late and I'm tired but I had to share!  world news article--   here

picture of plates found

groggy and half asleep and remembered that Moroni took the Gold Plates and as far as I know Joseph Smith said he still had them.  So...this could very well be one of the other records, of which there were many mentioned but to me, most likely not the Book of Mormon sealed part.  It will be interesting to see what transpires from this.  Plates?...yes.  Book of Mormon?...I say no.

Now we will all wait and see!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


In my life I, like you, choose faith.  I'm thankful for the faith I have.  Increasing faith takes a lot of desire and hard work.  In my is so worth the effort.  Faith is life sustaining in mortality!  Developing faith and figuring out how to access and use that personal faith is sustenance to my soul.  Gratitude abounds with my treasure box of faith coupons that are available for my use.  All coupons have been earned by endeavouring to exercise faith in different mortal experiences!